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April 24th, 2009 by angyl

Chief Seattle, of the Indians that inhabited the Seattle area, wrote a wonderful paper that has to do with putting oneself in tune with the universe. He said, “Why should I lament the disappearance of my people! All things end, and the white man will find this out also.” And this goes for the universe. One can be at peace with that. This doesn’t mean that one shouldn’t participate in efforts to correct the situation. But underlying the effort to change must be an “at peace.” To win a dog sled race is great. To lose is okay too. - Joseph Campbell

  • I has a w00t! Next up, find or tweak a theme that does not suck. But first, need to refill my brains.

  • Ahh, now facebook connect seems to working.

  • Angyl

    Testing facebook connect

    Do not understand why the problems. Maybe it's my security stuff.
    AHA! Need to put an exception to allow cookies from media.disqus.com ?

  • I cannot seem to log on to Disqus? What?

  • But it seems to work fine on Disqus's site...

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